• ÑAWI: arte.diseño.comunicación

    ÑAWI: arte.diseño.communicación is a semi-annual scientific research journal of the ESPOL Polytechnic University, Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral -ESPOL, produced by Faculty of Art, Design and Audiovisual Communication - FADCOM (formerly, School of Design and Visual Communication - EDCOM). The journal addresses the study and reflection of Art, Design, and Communication linked to the Visual. It is also open to the reception of articles on the different branches of Social Sciences and Humanities (Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, Aesthetics, Semiotics, History and Philosophy), whenever they deal with problems related to Visual Communication, Art and Design, with particular attention to the practices that take place in Ecuador and Latin America. This journal is aimed at teachers and researchers in the field of art, design, communication, and in general, to the Social Sciences and Humanities researchers. It is an open access magazine, frequency by external blind peers and the editorial process is free.

  • Revista Tecnológica Espol

     Since 1976, The Technological Magazine of ESPOL (RTE)
    Has been characterized by publishing articles with scientific and technological information. It began with the purpose of promoting formative research at ESPOL, as well as preparing future researchers in the process of scientific publications in all areas of knowledge related to their undergraduate and postgraduate studies.
    Scope of RTE
    RTE currently addresses multidisciplinary issues on a scientific and technological level in a wide variety of areas of knowledge. RTE mainly publishes novel and original scientific research articles, by national and international authors. It also publishes a special section with technical articles on presentation and description of practical applications, exploratory studies and literature reviews that support and encourage the work of potential and future researchers.
    Publishing and indexing media
    RTE is published digitally and in open access on its platform
    It is registered in several indexes and database directories and has a continuous evaluation process of new forms of indexing that allow greater visibility for published articles and their authors.
    The magazine is open all year
    RTE presents scheduled calls for article submissions (Call for papers) guaranteeing the publication of at least two volumes per year. However, each year additional volumes are produced on a specific topic (such as a Monograph or Dossier), or special editions related to scientific or technological events that include accepted articles revised by blind peers and presented at academic events prior publication.
    Do you have an interest in submitting to this magazine?
    We recommend that you review the About section of the magazine to consult its policies, as well as the Author Guidelines. Authors need to register in the journal in order to submit. If they are already registered, they can simply identify themselves and start the process in a sequential form that is easy to access and operate.

  • Academic Magazine of Design and Brand Management

    BRANDON, biannual digital edition academic magazine belonging to the Polytechnic Superior School of the Coast (ESPOL), hosts the best research projects related to the management of Branding, as well as proposals from national and international researchers who reflect on the development of strategies for the brand from the design vision.

  • Matemática

    "Mathematics" is a publication of the Faculty of Natural Sciences (FCNM) of the Polytechnic School of the Litoral (ESPOL), which aims to become an organ of scientific and technological diffusion; In order to encourage the development of mathematics and through published scientific articles to publicize the progress of mathematics within the different fields of application.


    La Revista FCSHOpina es una revista de opinión de publicación trimestral de la Facultad de Ciencias Sociales y Humanísticas. Dirigida a líderes de la comunidad, profesores, universitarios y estudiantes en general.


  • Compendium: Cuadernos de Economía y Administración

    COMPENDIUM: Cuadernos de Economía y Administración is a peer-reviewed quarterly magazine that focuses on the areas of administration, economics, education and finance, with an emphasis on Ecuador and Latin America. Contributions must be original, following the processes and protocols of scientific research methodologies. Scientific contributions can be in the form of applied or theoretical research articles, case studies and literature reviews, which can be sent in Spanish, English or Portuguese. All contributions are subject to peer review.
    COMPENDIUM is indexed in Latindex, DOAJ, MIAR, Dialnet, Google Scholar, LatamPlus, Actualidad Iberoamericana, ROAD, EZB, I2OR and BASE. It is open access and does not charge a submission or publication fee. The call for contributions is open to all numbers.


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