The thesis studies the relationship of Storytelling as a tool for dissemination of emotional messages and at the same time as a tool for improvement of the effectiveness of advertising through this tool.

The advances achieved in the areas of Communication and Health have resulted in the fact that citizens today have, on the one hand, unlimited access to an unusual amount of information, while, on the other, they perceive health as a right that is more often preventive rather than curative. Today, communication requires the inclusion of emotional links in brand narratives to achieve a real impact. Behind each brand there is a whole story that needs to be told.

Storytelling consists of establishing a dialogue with consumers that is based on stories, experiences and emotions instead of focusing on listing the benefits of the product or service. Only those brands with relevant stories are the ones that really get to the consumer. Institutions linked to the Health area are no exception, as evidenced by an approach to communication strategy based on Brand Storytelling to reposition the APROFE Brand and a qualitative analysis of its image.

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